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The passion for Mexican food. In a happy and folkloric environment, your whole family will be able to taste typical Mexican dishes but made with avant-garde techniques that give a sophisticated twist to our traditional flavors. A la carta Dinner only

Inspired by the most beautiful of Mexican culture, Los Gallos is the ideal place to live among the mariachi, the colors, flavors, smells, crafts and good vibes of Mexicans, with a large selection of the best dishes ranging from traditional moles, tacos in their different versions; sarandeados, chiles rellenos and an infinity of appetizers from the different regions of Mexico, made with avant-garde techniques in order to achieve new expressions without neglecting our culture. Try our exquisite prepared drinks, as well as our selection of the best tequilas. A place to discover Mexico and to live the best anecdotes of family and frien

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5:30 pm a 10:00 pm