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You will feel like a movie from the Old West. This Texan-style specialty restaurant is ideal for meat lovers. You can enjoy our Steak House concept with your whole family. A la carta Dinner only

This restaurant is set in the American Midwest, this is where the wood and the porticos of a cowboy town mix with the horns of a bull on a wall, the ropes, country music and the applause of your family and friends who They will challenge you to get on a mechanical bull and endure a few laps. Our gastronomic offer begins with the traditional wings or hot wings and BBQ ribs, to continue with the exquisite meat juice and a selection of angus cuts of the best quality, which classifies us as a steak house style kitchen. Smoked and grilled flavors will make your dinner spectacular.

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On-Site, costs included

Icon/Contact Details/Phone Number-White Ext. 7808 / 7010 (8:00 AM - 2:00 PM)

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5:30 pm a 10:00 pm